Bhaag corona bhaag: Locals in MP village run with torches to drive away virus

Some locals in a Madhya Pradesh village resorted to chanting ‘Bhaag Corona Bhaag’ while running with burning torches in their hands on Sunday night in a bid to fight the novel coronavirus.

     New Delhi,April 22, 2021: After the “Go Corona Go” chants of Ramdas Athawale, some villagers in Madhya Pradesh’s Agar Malwa district resorted to chanting ‘Bhaag Corona Bhaag’ on Sunday night in a bid to fight the novel coronavirus.

Running with flaming torches in their hands on Sunday night, some locals raised the slogan in the hope that this would eradicate the impact of Covid-19 on their village.

The incident, which reportedly took place in Ganeshpura village of Agar Malwa district of Madhya Pradesh, came to light after a video went viral on social media.

In the video, few villagers can be seen running through the streets while brandishing torches and shouting “bhaag corona bhaag”. They were later seen tossing the torches into the air and throwing them outside the village.

The locals believe that by this practice their village will be spared the wrath of Covid-19.

When asked, a local said elders had told them that whenever there’s an epidemic, one person from every household would run with a burning torch from their homes to the boundaries of the village, on a Sunday or Wednesday night. These burning torches are then to be thrown out of the village. This practice would save the village, they believe.

He said, “In my village Ganeshpura, for the past two-three days, one death was being reported every day and that had triggered panic among the villagers.”

He said many people in the village were suffering from fever…but no case of the disease has been found in the village since the villagers have carried out this practice on Sunday.”

Last year, a video of Union Minister of State Ramdas Athawale, Chinese Consul General in Mumbai Tang Guocai and Buddhist monks chanting “Go corona, go corona” at a prayer meeting went viral on social media. As claimed by Athwale, the ‘Go corona go’ slogan had become “famous all over the world”.

“I gave the slogan in February, when the Covid-19 situation was not as bad in India. At that time people were saying, will this make corona go away? Now we are seeing this slogan all across the world,” he had had said in April last year.

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