Solar eclipse 2021 on June 10: These Indian cities will witness the ‘ring of fire

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   New Delhi, Jun,10, 2021: This year’s first solar eclipse will take place today. According to the map published by NASA, the solar eclipse will be visible in India for a few minutes before the sunset, but only from Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh.
“In Arunachal Pradesh, people can see, just before the sunset, a minuscule fraction of the sun covered by the moon, that is also very low in the horizon, lasting at the most 3-4 minutes depending upon the position,” Director of MP Birla Planetarium, Debiprasad Duari, said.
“On the northern borders, in Ladakh, a sliver of land in the border region can experience the last phase of the partial eclipse, again for a short duration, but relatively at a higher altitude than the eastern part of the country,” Duari added.
One can see a very small part of the solar eclipse from the vicinity of Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh at around 5:52 pm. In the northern part of Ladakh, where the sun will set at around 6.15 pm, the last phases of the phenomenon can be seen at around 6 pm.
The rare cosmic development will also be visible in the vast region of North America, Europe and Asia. The ring of fire will be visible from parts of Greenland, North-Eastern Canada, the North Pole and some parts of Russia.
In Canada, it will be seen for about three minutes, while in Greenland it will occur when the solar eclipse reaches its peak following which it will be visible in Siberia and the North Pole.
Date, time and other details
The annular solar eclipse is a rare and mesmerising sight and one should not miss this astronomical event. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon gets in the way of the sun’s light and casts its shadow on Earth.
On June 10, we will be looking at the first-ever solar eclipse of this year. It may start at around 1:42 pm IST and conclude at 6:41 pm. This will be an annular solar eclipse that will show a ring of fire during the eclipse.
How to watch?
It is not advisable to witness the eclipse with the naked eye as it can cause serious damage to the eyes. Projecting the sun through a box projector, or projecting using binoculars or telescope is a safe and easy way to view a solar eclipse. (AGENCY)

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