‘Accept or deport us’: Pak wives of ex-Kashmiri militants hold protest march in Srinagar

The protesters said that their demands are just and the government must listen to them.

    February 23, 2021,Srinagar;Pakistan-origin spouses of former Kashmiri militants on Tuesday reiterated their protest demanding travel documents for enabling them to visit their parents in Pakistan.

News agency  reported that the aggrieved women marched in protest from the Press enclave Srinagar towards the clock tower in the city centre

They accused the government of giving them a cold shoulder regarding their genuine demands.

“We will continue to protest till our demands are not met and till our last breath,” Saira, an aggrieved woman said.

“If the government does not accept us, they should deport us to Pakistan. In the first place, they should accept us because our husbands are Kashmiris and we have not committed any crime by marrying them. Kashmiri people are citizens of India and so are we,” she said.

She argued if the government can provide citizenship to Pakistani singer Adnan Sami, why it had singled them out.

“Have we committed any crime by marrying Kashmiris? The government is behaving with us as if we are terrorists,” she said.

She said that the government should accept them as they have children and have families.

“Even Sania Mirza married a Pakistani cricketer and she is now a Pakistani national but she continues to represent India, then why cannot we be provided citizenship,” a protesting woman remarked.

The protesters said that their demands are just and the government must listen to them.   (KNO)

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