Employees United front Expressed concern and displeasure on the termination of employees

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Srinagar,May,20,2021:JK Employees United front an amalgam of all trade unions of J&K held an emergency meeting at Srinagar in the backdrop of termination of employes and deep concern and displeasure was expressed on the continue spree of government move of such terminations which was discussed threadbare. The meeting was attended by all senior trade union leaders of all major trade unions who vehemently expressed their concern and displeasure on the one side decision taken in haste without giving a chance to the victims to put across their view point in their defence.The leaders said that it is ironic that victims are not being provided any oppertunity to be heard thus the move smells dictatorial attitude .The speakers in the meeting said that they being the part and parcel of the system are not given fair trail and the termination of employees is initiated without any proper secrunity or trail by the legal courts.They said that the unfortunate state of affairs have added to the miseries of the employees who have already been working under stress and are overburdened due to prevailing pandemic and added that constitution guarentees some fundamental rights to its subject but unfortunately the employees are being deprived of these rights on one pretext or the other which is contrary to the law of the land and the constitution of the country. The leaders said that employees are being governed by CSR and have every right to play their role within the ambit of the law and CSR and if there is any contradiction in performing such rights there is a set procedure of law under which an employee can be treated and can be scrutinized under the proper judicial system. The speakers questioned that how can such an extreme step of termination can be initiated against an employee without being heard or without judicial scurtunity or trail and added that terminating an employee from the service after rendering precious years of his life in the service of people with sweat and blood is unjustified and uncalled for.They said that even in the past some employees who’s service were terminated by then govt , where later on reinstated by honourable court which proves that there was no substantial evidences against such employees and they where victimized selectively.The leaders said that there are instances when govt employees where subject to victimization for being actively involved in social activities during turmoil and urged the government to look in to such cases in depth so that unnecessary harrasment and punishment is not given to innocents .The leaders said that in a welfare state government ought to take care of its subject, instead the bread and butter of children of those victimized employees is snatched and living such families to starvation for no sin of theirs.The leaders unanimously decided to oppose this unfair and unjust move within the ambit of the constitution at every stage using all democratic and constitutional options available to them till justice is delivered and added that if need arises the United plateform of employees will move to the court of law if the terminations order are not withdrawn immediately.The leadership of United plateform decided to meet Honourable Lieutenant Governor and all administrative functionaries in this regard and will apprise them of the situation and concerns of the employees fraternity of j&k.

The leaders further said that recent move of Government has created mental trauma to employees ,which is badly effecting their performance because they feel harassed, humilated and tramutised by the government in spite of making a huge contribution in extremely difficult and adverse working conditions.The leaders who attended the meeting were.
Ajaz Khan( president JCC) Mohd Rafique Rather(President EJAC) Reyaz Ahmad Sofi President EJAC Q ..Ab Majeed parray ( president trade union council), Shah Fayaz ( president J&k employees coordination committee,) Shabir ah langoo, Javeed Ah Akhoon, Khursheed Ah Bhat, Nazir Ahmad Khan, Ab Qayoom beigh, Sheikh Ajaz , Nazir Ah Khan, Rehmatullah khan, Farooq Ah Kawa, Mohd younis Motto, Ab.Raheem shah , Hatim Qayoom , Shah Ashiq and others.


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