‘Love jihad’ real, India must be declared a Hindu Rashtra: PC George

Kerala MLA PC George has said that “love jihad is real and Muslims plan to make India an Islamic country by 2030”. “Their plan was delayed due to demonetisation,” PC George said.

     April 12, 2021, At a time when subjects such as ‘Love Jihad’ and ‘making India a Hindu nation’ had taken a backseat despite it being an election season, Kerala MLA PC George attempted to bring them back in the discourse, claiming that “Muslims plan to make India an Islamic country”. PC George has also claimed that Muslims have been encroaching into Christian nations and making them Islamic nations.

Speaking at a function organised by HRDS India, an NGO for tribal welfare, at Thodupuzha in Kerala’s Idukki, PC George said India must be declared a “Hindu Rashtra [Hindu nation]” as Muslims plan to make India an Islamic country by 2030. PC George also claimed that the plan to make India an Islamic country was delayed due to demonetisation.

“Love jihad is real and Muslims plan to make India an Islamic country by 2030…[it] was delayed due to the demonetisation move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” PC George said, adding that Muslims are encroaching into Christian nations such as France and “converting them into Islamic nations”.

PC George claimed that Muslims are actively working in Kerala to make India an Islamic nation by the year 2030 but, the Kerala MLA said, their plan was delayed after PM Modi announced demonetisation back in 2016.

“…can we let this nation [go] to any particular community? This needs to be discussed. Somebody has to speak up,” PC George said.

Attempting to back his claim of “Muslims making other countries Islamic nation”, PC George said, “Let’s consider the nations around the globe. There are capitalist countries, poor nations and Third World countries like India. All countries give prominence to some religion. In the case of Arabian countries, they are not just Islamic but also believe that whatever is not Islamic is inappropriate.”

“Countries like America are also falling in this line, but things are changing now. Muslims infiltrated France, and now they are converting it into [a] Muslim nation. Though it was a nation of the Christian community, Muslims are encroaching, it won’t be much late.” (INDIA TODAY)

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